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    Beer & Cider Brew beer like a pro with our huge range of home brewing products. We stock everything you need to create the perfect brew for your personal preferences. Our online shop stocks a variety of beer and cider brewing products from quality brands such as, Coopers, Morgan, Mangrove Jack’s, Mr Beer and Black Rock. Find a bargain on…
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    Brewing Sugars Our online store stocks an extensive range of quality brewing sugars and malts. Whether you’re brewing beer, cider or wine, you’ll be sure to find the sugars needed to create your ideal drop. Brew crisp and clean beverages with our huge range of malts and sugars.
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    Spirit Flavours At Online Home Brew Sales, you’ll find an extensive range of discounted supplies to make your favourite drop at home. Spirit and liqueur flavourings are ideal to blend with a cheap vodka to make your own drink of choice. We stock a wide variety of flavours, along with barrel chips and soakers from your favourite brands—Still Spirits, Samuel…
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    Liqueur Flavours Create your perfect drink with our huge selection of liqueur flavours for brewing still spirits, cream spirits, schnapps and much more. From spiced whiskey to butterscotch schnapps and everything in between, the Online Home Brew Sales shop has a flavour for all tastes.
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    Barrel Soakers Ideal for brewing spirits such as bourbon, rum and whiskey, our huge range of barrel soakers will enhance your desired flavour and ensure a smooth finish. Give your next batch an oaky or crisp edge and try some of our affordable barrel soakers.
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    Yeasts Brew like a pro with our huge range of yeasts. Whatever your drop of choice, Online Home Brew Sales has all the quality yeasts you need at affordable prices. Our wide selection includes yeasts used for the brewing of beer, cider, spirits and wine.
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    Additives Our wide range of additives includes consumables, cream bases and profiles. Whether you brew beer, spirits, wine or liqueurs, you’ll find the additives you require on our online shop. Give your next brew the final touch it needs and check out our wide selection of additives.
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    Accessories & Equipment We stock a giant selection of accessories and equipment needed for quality home brewing. Stay organised, clean and tidy next time you brew and browse our range of brewing, bottling and cleaning equipment, as well as a variety of stills accessories.